10 takeaways from my Pro Q&A chat with Neil Patel

I had a great chat with a veritable don of the digital marketing space Neil Patel. Neil is the co-founder at Kissmetrics and CrazyEgg and operates a kick-ass blog at Quicksprout.com

Here are just a few of the takeaways form this call – get the call below and be sure to take notes!

1. You should be leveraging social
2. Produce original content such as ebooks
3. Overlays still work but its all about testing
4. Sticky (fixed) call-to-actions in the sidebar really work
5. A free course converts better than an ebook
6. You should invest in building relationships with bloggers in your space
7. Link to people in your space (more likelihood of a retweet)
8. Its not rocket science, build natural followers by sharing great content
9. Infographics still work
10. How to guides work better for engagement on social

Bonus – What Neil’s day 1 would look like if he had to start over building traffic

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    • http://techtage.com/ Rohit Palit

      Great guy with awesome tips as always. :D

      • Liam Veitch

        Hey Rohit – yeah definitely I took a lot from the call, hope you did too.

    • Khuzaima Ismail